Are you thinking of putting your home on the market? If you want to maximize the selling price of your house, consider these items that Kiplinger Report suggests most buyers would like to see in a home.

  1. A Separate Laundry Room: 92% of buyers say that having a room that is dedicated to doing their laundry is very important to them. Keeping the laundry mess out of the living space is a priority. A room in the basement is fine, but a utility room on the first floor or even better yet on the second floor near the bedrooms can really add value to your home.

  2. Exterior Lighting: An important safety feature of your home, outside lighting can also spotlight and beautify your home at night. Motion-sensor lights that turn on automatically when there is movement outside your house are an inexpensive way to add exterior lighting.

  3. Energy Efficient Appliances and Windows: All homeowners want to limit their utility bills, and energy efficient appliances and windows are the best way to do that. Energy efficient windows can cut heating and cooling costs by 12%, and energy efficient appliances can save up to $40 each per year.

  4. Patio: Outdoor living spaces are important to today’s homebuyer, and when they look at your home, they are envisioning how they will live and entertain there. Don’t neglect the backyard when you are sprucing up your home for resale.

  5. Hardwood Floors:Since hardwood floors can be refinished periodically to last a lifetime, many buyers find them more pleasing than carpeted floors. This type of flooring is easy to maintain and has a clean look that can offer a sleek or homey feeling.

  6. Garage Storage Space: Bonus storage space in the garage can be very tempting to buyers with growing families. Unlike an attic or backyard shed, garage space is easily accessible from the house. Adding cabinetry, a pegboard for tools and improved lighting in your garage can really showcase the storage potential in your home.

When your house is for sale, you want it to be shown in the best possible manner. Highlighting these items will create an appealing home for any potential buyer!