Creating Your Dream Bathroom

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, there are many new ways to create the bathroom of your dreams, with a result that is both stylish and functional. Bathrooms are the second most popular room to renovate after the kitchen, and you will certainly be able to use and enjoy your updated bathroom every day. Much of the cost of the renovation can be recouped when you sell your home. Here are some innovative ideas for your remodel:

  • Increasing the size of the shower and adding high-tech features such as mood lighting, digital controls and built-in sound can really boost the shower experience. Adding a steam shower feature is also popular. Your shower can truly become a spa-like retreat from the outside world.

  • Self-Cleaning toilets are now a reality! You can install a self-cleaning toilet and never face that dreaded task again. Built in nightlights and heated seating are other options for your commode.

  • The bathroom faucet has also been updated. Many faucets now have infrared sensors that make touching the faucet to turn it on a thing of the past. Some faucets even have built-in hand drying options with filters that pick up bacteria and viruses in the bathroom air.

  • Practical storage is a necessity for most home-owners. Get the most out of your area by using vertical space for storage. Have a cabinet go all the way up a wall and you will maximize that space. You can also install shelves above the sink and toilet. Having ample storage will help keep your bathroom neat and organized.

  • The most popular flooring option is still ceramic or porcelain tile, but stone tile, hardwood, and painted wood are also fashionable. In-floor heating systems can help you feel toasty-warm on a cold winter’s morning.

Remodeling your bathroom will increase the value, the function and the comfort of your home. Maybe it’s time to start planning a renovation today!